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Remedy for Dengue


Crush 5 papaya leaves take out its juice and drink it. Do this 3 times a day to increase platelets; To increase Hemoglobin and platelets instantly.;

1) Eat 6 dark red pomegranates in the morning .;

2) Make pomegranate seeds water (boil 1 tablespoon of anaar dana with 500 ml of water for 15 minutes filter & drink hot. 3 times a day).;

3) 5 papaya leaves juice at least 3 times a day;

4) Mix juice of 1 apple +1 beetroot +1 carrot have this 3 times a day. Or Mix juice of 4 beetroot +1carrot once a day will help a lot.


Take 10 Leaves of "Harshingar" Tree, and 8 Kaali Mirch crush kar lo, (Black Pepper), and boil it in 3 Glass of Water, when it boil downs to half, i.e. 1.5 Glass water, give 1 Sip every 1/2 Hour, for 12 Hours, Platelets will start increasing after first sip, it is a Miracle Drug, as Platelets rose to 16000 from 7000 after first sip and to 25000 after second sip, it is sure shot treatment for Dengue. Spread this message to maximum people, so that anybody who is suffering should take it to get relief from Dengue. Send this Message to Maximum People.

PLEASE NOTE: MOST IMPORTANT After any kind of infection which has occurred in the body and has been treated by heavy antibiotics, it has been observed that there are chances of kidney failures and liver linings getting disturbed beyond repairs. These symptoms unfortunately show up almost after a year. To avoid this do as follows: Take 2 tablespoons of Coriander seeds boil them with 600 ml of water for 15 minutes and bring the water down to 300 ml, filter it and drink it hot. Do this twice a day for 1 month. Remember this is a must to do after infections like Dengue, malaria jaundice, cholera, throat infections and any other bacterial, viral, or fungal infections which may have happened to any person.

Recommended by: Cyrus Bhaya