St. Germain

St Germain is my patron and is believed to live in both the Higher Realms; as the Lord of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray of freedom, More...

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Transcripts of our current and earlier spiritual communicaton are archived. For free access to our library, Click here

About Us

Dear Friends,

I have been a practicing medium for the last 14 years. I am in deep gratitude to two wonderful, vibrant channels, Mrs. Meheru Gandhi and Ellaeenah, who guided my initial steps, introduced me to my soul-friend St. Germain, and helped me discover the wonders of the Universe.

Our group now meets every Thursday afternoon in Mumbai, India. We are a collection of seekers, from every age range, and all walks of life. Many in the group are healers, spirit workers and channels themselves; others are simply interested in personal growth and evolution.

A plethora of energy Masters channel through me, and share with us vital information about very practical subjects as well as esoteric ones. The sessions are inter-active, as questions are always welcome.

I also hold personal, one-on-one Growth and Development sessions: they are non-predictive, but help you explore aspects of the self. This is in keeping with my soul mission - helping others be the best they can be.

Please wander through this site. Enjoy yourself. May the big picture of the Universe lead you to an awareness of the landscape of your life.