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The Laws of the Spirit World

Author: Khorshed Bhavnagri

About: The Laws of The Spirit World is a book which springs forth directly from the heart of a grieving mother after she suffered a grave tragedy, losing both her sons, Vispi and Ratoo, in a car crash. Khorshed and Rumi Bhavnagri felt that their world had come to an end, until a month after the children's death, they received messages from their sons, trying to speak to them by way of automatic writing. From that moment on, they embarked on a journey of the spiritual world, which according to them comprises of seven realms. The book is a telepathic account of our journey on this planet and how our moral values and our deeds affect us after death. It raises and attempts to solve the ultimate question of Life after Death. Like in Plato's Myth of Er, the sons dictate to their mother that every man or woman has to pay for their sins, judgement is passed on all your good deeds and your bad deeds. Karma becomes the focal point in The Laws of The Spirit World, analysing the concept of, “What goes around, comes around.” It takes into account the soul's meanderings through the seven realms and how this journey should be one of honesty, pure actions, kindness and modesty. It will leave you feeling fearful as well as conscious of your own soul.

Price: 200

Recommended by: Behrooz KY Avari