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Transcripts for May, 2018

Date Topics Energy
24/06/2004 Professions And Their Energetic Significance Unknown Energy
08/07/2004 The 12 Disciples Of Christ Unknown Energy, The Meher Baba
22/07/2004 Cataclysmic Events
About To Occur On Earth To Bring About Cleansing
The Menerah, Unknown Energy
09/09/2004 Alternate Realities And Dimensions
Harry Potter
Lord Of The Rings
Unknown Energy
30/09/2004 The Divine Source
Everyday Miracles
The Cosmic Board
07/10/2004 Workshop: Picking Up Energetic Impressions Unknown Energy
21/10/2004 Rock Knowledge And Energies Unknown Energy
28/10/2004 A Healing Session The Meher Baba
16/12/2004 Spirit Partners Unknown Energy
27/01/2005 Crystalline Energy Unknown Energy
17/02/2005 In Communication With An Inner Earth Entity Unknown Energy
24/03/2005 Extra Terrestrial Visitation The Lady Hera
The Crystaline Energies
30/06/2005 The Godhead Of Another Planet A Collective The Godhead
07/07/2005 The Cosmic Temple
The Cosmic Pillar
The Melchezedek
04/08/2005 Connecting With Your Master
Connecting With Other Spirit Presences
The Cosmic Board
11/08/2005 Accessing The 5th Dimension Unknown Energy
18/08/2005 Celestial Teachers’ Day
Group Members Learn To Connect And Channelling
The Mahachohan
The St Germain
25/08/2005 Sensing Angelic Presences The Archangel Zadkiel
The Madame Blavatsky
01/09/2005 Sphinx Energies The Ashtar
08/09/2005 Religious Festivals, Rituals And Customs The Archangel Michael
15/09/2005 The Diamond Bed And Its Energies The Keeper Of The Diamond Bed
22/09/2005 Death Series
After Death Encounters With Souls
A New York Fire Fighter Speaks
The Archangel Michael
Unknown Souls
The Fire Fighter New York
29/09/2005 The Tree Energies Master Kuthumi
06/10/2005 Studying Your Own Body Energies Dr Lang
The Archangel Uriel
13/10/2005 Death Series
A Home Coming
An Energetic Experience Of Three Souls Crossing Over
The Lord Buddha
20/10/2005 Death Series
A Conversation With Three Souls Who Help Empower Human Lives
Unknown Energy
27/10/2005 Death Series
Souls Who Have Passed Over A While Ago
The Archangel Michael
10/11/2005 Death Series:
Souls Who ‘Stride Both Worlds’
A Person In A Coma
A Person Who Had An ‘Out Of Body’ Experience
A Yogi In Deep Meditation
The Archangel Michael
24/11/2005 Death Series
Souls About To Reincarnate
The Mahachohan
The Sai Baba
The Meher Baba
The Mother Mary
01/12/2005 The Method Of Dying The St Germain
08/12/2005 Different Stages Of Earth Life: Birth To 3 Years The Starlight
22/12/2005 Energy Structures Of The Human Body The Master Kuthumi
12/01/2006 Reincarnation Planning And Considerations The Higher Energy Of Sohrab
26/01/2006 Working With Energy Vortices The Archangel Michael
09/02/2006 The Energies Of Atlantis The Keepers Of Atlantis
The Meher Baba
Mother Kwan Yin
23/02/2006 Mahatma Gandhi
The Mahatma Gandhi
The Ramses
06/03/2006 The Group Is Urged To Channel
The Big Bang
Unknown Energy
09/03/2006 Sensing Energies
New Energy Vortex In The City
Unknown Energy
30/03/2006 Studying The Akashic Records The Guide Of The Akashic Records
The Sai Baba
06/04/2006 Duties Of The Guardian Of The Meeting Lord Sanada
20/04/2006 Working With Energy Unknown Energy
27/04/2006 Peacekeeping Energies For Planet Earth The Universal Peace Keepers
02/06/2006 The Vatican The Vatican Collective
The St Germain
08/06/2006 Inner Earth Beings
Working With Energies Within Earth
Unknown Energy
15/06/2006 Exercises To Help Connect To Energies Unknown Energy
29/06/2006 Living Your Daily Life In Awareness The Serapis Bey
13/07/2006 The Mumbai Train Blasts Unknown Energy
20/07/2006 A Self Healing Exercise For The Group The Healing Counsel
27/07/2006 The Living Buddha
Spirit Possession
The Archangel Michael
Unknown Energy
25/01/2007 Clearing Emotional Debris
The Process Of Creation, Free Will
The Archangel Michael
29/03/2007 An Exploratory Journey To Your Higher Soul The Inter Galactic Council
12/04/2007 Astral Travel
Self Empowerment
Unknown Energy
19/04/2007 The Ar’Rak Energies The Ar’Rak
14/06/2007 Affirming Your Own Beauty The St Germain
The Angelic Realm
17/06/2007 Soul Growth And Your Energy Strands That Aspect Of Sohrab Who Is: The St Germain
21/06/2007 Energetic Fragmentation And Reconstruction
The 9 Aspects Of The Self
Unknown Energy
05/07/2007 Using Your Power
Belief In Self
The Adi Marezban
Jawaharlal Nehru
Madam Blavatski
Uknown Energy
The Sunbeam Energy
12/07/2007 Energetic Wormholes
Lower Level Entities
An Explanation Of The Concept Of “Hell”
The Ashtar
The Maha Avtar Babaji
The Meher Baba
19/07/2007 Predictions
The Energy Core
Energetic Aspects Of The City Of Bombay
The St Germain
The Ashtar
26/07/2007 The Universe
Parallel Universes
Understanding Self And Reaching Into Self
The Abraham Of The Cosmos
The Ashtaar
29/07/2007 The Masters Are Within You Unknown Energy
02/08/2007 The Sanjay Dutt Issue
How To Be The Living Master
The Bermuda Triangle
The Maha Avatar Babaji, The Christed Energies
The Sanjay Dutt
09/08/2007 Laughter As A Healing Tool
Shared Experiences Of Visiting Souls
The Meher Baba
Unknown Energy
23/08/2007 Vision And Imagination
Dark Matter
The Germain
The Christ
The Shiva Consciousness
The Parvati Consciousness
The Shakuntala
The Babaji
Cosmic Masters
30/08/2007 The Symbolism Of The Bow And Arrow
Delegation Of Visiting Souls
Training Guides
Maha Avtaar Babaji
Soul Guides
06/09/2007 Working In The Astral
The Whirling Dervish
The Jade Fire
The Lord Sannanda
18/10/2007 Star Of Divine Understanding The Universal Logos
25/10/2007 Self Empowerment
The Core Center Of Human Energy
Aspects Of The Jesus Christ
The Archangel Michael
01/11/2007 New Aspects Of Astrology And The Planets The Galileo
08/11/2007 Diwali
The Spiritual Significance Of Numbers
Unknown Energy
The Meher Baba
The Sarojini Naidu
22/11/2007 A Workshop: Giving Thanks
The Energy Of Gratitude And Pain
The Archangel Michael.
Unknown Trainee Guides
29/11/2007 House Spirits The Spirit Of Bandra
20/12/2007 An Instant In Time Unknown Energy
27/12/2007 Santa Claus
Unknown Energy
10/01/2008 The Year 2008 – The Year Of Manifestation
& Personal Energies
The Energies Of The Group
17/01/2008 Death: The Loss Of A Loved One
The Physical Trauma Of The Living
Transition To The Spirit World
The Energies Of The Ramtha
24/01/2008 The Energy Of Money Unknown Energy
07/02/2008 The Om
Free Will & Destiny
The Energy Matrix
That Aspect Of Sohrab That Are: The Krishna
The Ganesh
The St. Germain
14/02/2008 Trees
Energy Loops: The Future Governs The Past
The Ramtha
21/02/2008 Visiting Energies: A Soul Traveler, A Mumbai Socialite & Benazir Bhutto The Aspcts Of Sohrab That Are The Mahachohan
28/02/2008 The Placebo Effect
The Continent Of Africa
The Earth’S Core
Dr Lang
The Galileo
06/03/2008 Mahashivaratri
The Realm Of Infinite Possibilities: Point Zero
The Kryon Collective, The Shiv Collective
20/03/2008 Earth’S New Magnetic Grid The Omikron Collective
27/03/2008 The Heart
The Pituitary Gland
The Arcturians
03/04/2008 Discovering “Who Am I” And “Who I Am Not” Unknown Energy
01/05/2008 New Energetic Dimensions Accessed By The Sun The Kryon Collective
08/05/2008 Energetic Imprints, Strands & Hooks
Characteristics Of Higher Energies
The Many Aspects Of Sohrab
05/06/2008 The Pure Light Quotient In Us
Working With Prana
The Emissary Of Light
19/06/2008 The Cosmic Board
The Cosmic Lattice
Earth: The Current Core Center Of The Universe
The Cosmic Board
26/06/2008 The Cosmic Consciousness Connector
The Upgraded Om
The Cosmic Consciousness Connector
03/07/2008 Birthing Processes In Different Civilizations
Cosmic Shame
Masculine & Feminine Energies
Unknown Energy
The Mother Mary
10/07/2008 The Ancients The Ancients
The Omakron Collective
24/07/2008 Psychic Node Implants In Humans
Imagination Does Not Exist
The Future Creates The Present
The New Blueprint
The Cosmic Board
The Energies Of The Solar System
The Mayans
31/07/2008 New Light Out Of Africa The Energies Of Different Countries The New Blueprint Archangel Michael
St Francis Of Assisi
07/08/2008 The Child
The New Age Children
The Meher Baba
St. Germain.
14/08/2008 The Energetic Components Of The Cellular Structure
Evolution Of Man From The Big Bang
The Ashtaar
Abraham Of The Cosmos
28/08/2008 Living Death Unknown Energy
04/09/2008 The Ganesh Energies The Ganesh Energies
11/09/2008 The God Particle
The Large Haydron Collider
The Crystalline Beds Below The Bermuda Triangle
The Cosmic Brotherhood
09/10/2008 Contact With Universal Friends (E Ts)
The Money Market
Bodily Energies
Liaison Work
Universal Friends
16/10/2008 Reconstructing And Recreating Self St. Germain
Meher Baba
30/10/2008 The Energy Of Various Festivals
Cosmic Astrology
The St Germain
The Sai Baba
The Meher Baba
The Ashtar
06/11/2008 President Obama
The Energies Of Money
The St Germain,
27/11/2008 The Lord’S Prayer Archangel Uriel
04/12/2008 The Terrorist Attack In Mumbai Master Kuthumi
The St Germain
10/12/2008 A New Family For The Group & The Year Ahead For Some In The Group The St Germain
18/12/2008 Faith In Self
Love As An Energy
The Energies Of Pure Potential Exploration
Those Aspects Of Sohrab That Are: The Sai Baba, The Meher Baba , The Saint Germain
The Cosmic Board.
25/12/2008 The Significance Of Christmas
Parallel Existences
Those Aspects Of Sohrab That Are: The St. Germain, The Jesus Christ , The Archangel Michael
08/01/2009 Group Meditation
Working With The Physical Body
An Unknown Collective
15/01/2009 Orbs
Working With New Energies
Unknown Energies
22/01/2009 Dna Of The Energy Body
Belief In Your Power
New Energies Entering The Body
Those Aspects Of Sohrab That Are: The Sai Baba, The Satya Sai Baba, The Jesus, The Meher Baba, The Buddh, And The Kuthumi
12/02/2009 The Rabbi At Nariman House Mumbai
Fragments Of Self
The Rabbi, (From Nariman House)
The Watching Soul
26/02/2009 New Energies Flooding The Planet: Mumbai – City Of Extremes Photonic Belt
26/03/2009 The Year Of Right Human Relations The Osho
09/04/2009 The New Wave Of Energies The New Energies
The Meher Baba
16/04/2009 The Occult Manifestation Of Magical Creatures
The Loch Ness Monster, The Yeti, Serpentine Energy, Dragons, Shangri La, The Bermuda Triangle, Crop Circles Mt. Shashta
The Karmic Board
23/04/2009 Group Exercise: Working With Energies The Energies Of The Group
30/04/2009 Right Human Relations
Energies That Show Schizophrenic Behavior
Assimilation Of Issues
Holding Different Frequencies Simultaneously
The Meher Baba
The Sai Baba
14/05/2009 New Himalayan Energies The Cosmic Brotherhood Of: The Sai Baba, The Meher Baba And The Germain.
21/05/2009 Elected Governments: Energies Of A Nation The Ashtaar
11/06/2009 A Being From The 19th Dimension
A Departed Soul From Canada
A Person Desiring To Leave His Physical Form
The Mahavir
Unknown Energy From The 19th Dimension
Unknown Energy From Canada
Unknown Energy Leaving Human Form
18/06/2009 Reluctance To Passing Over
Transitioning To The Afterlife
Support Souls
Walk Ins
The Melchizedek
25/06/2009 A Workshop For A Pregnant Group Members: The Energetic Womb Universal Reconstructors The Gatekeeper
02/07/2009 The Energy Of The Performing Arts
Michael Jackson
Film Star Energies
Political Statesmen Energies
The Group That Are: The Melchizedek, The Guru Gobind Singh, & The Jadefire
09/07/2009 The Energies Of Religious Figures & Public Personalities
Obama And Osama
The Meher Baba
16/07/2009 The Dna Composition & Michael Jackson
Touching Exuberance
The Einstein
23/07/2009 The Conjunction Of The Solar And Lunar Eclipses
Perfect For Energy Communication
New Energy Portals
The Buddha
The Guru Gobind Singh
30/07/2009 Old Customs And Traditions
The Energies Of Various Countries
The Galileo
13/08/2009 Krishna Janamashtami: The Birth Of Krishna Unknown Energies
20/08/2009 Nde: Near Death Experience Mother Gaia
08/10/2009 Energy Portals Opening Unknown Energies
15/10/2009 Diwali
Blessings From The Collective Energies
The Laxmi Collective
The Sai Energies
The Kryon
The Christ Office
The Ra
The Meher Baba
The Krishna Consciousness
The Ashtaar Collective
22/10/2009 City Cleansing
The Energies Of Various Parts Of Mumbai
The Energy Governor Of Mumbai
29/10/2009 Why We Crave Different Types Of Food And Other Stimulants The Energies Of The Elements
12/11/2009 Universal Facilitators: The Tellurians The Tellurians
26/11/2009 One Year After 26/11
Various Entities From The Event Speak
The Collective Spirit Of The City Of Bombay.
10/12/2009 Nuclear Disaster Averted Those Aspects Of The Sohrab That Are: The Meher Baba, The Lord Jesus Christ , The Sai, Universal Friends,
17/12/2009 Personal Soul Growth
Ashtaar Energies
Aruna Shanbaug
Bridge Souls
Star Seeding
The Energy Of Aruna Shanbaug The Nurse
Unknown Energy
The Ashtar Collective
24/12/2009 Symbols Of Christmas The Christ Office
The Joseph
07/01/2010 Multi Dimensional And Parallel Co Existence The Ashtaar Command
The Christ Office
Lord Sananda.
14/01/2010 The Energies Of Each Nation The Egyptian Realm
The Ashtar
21/01/2010 Earth’S Depleting Resources And Financial Condition The Ashtar Command
24/01/2010 Tigers, Mind Of God & Multi Dimensional Implant The Energy Of The Tiger
Ash Raa Aan
Meher Baba
Maha Avtaar Babaji
05/02/2010 Exercising Discipline In Healing Dr Lang
06/02/2010 The Ashtaar Energies
The Obama And The Osama
The Ashtaar Commander Meher
The Obama & The Osama
11/02/2010 Time The Meher Baba
25/02/2010 Using Crystalline Energies: Creating A Portal Of Your Own Recreating Self The Phoenix Collective
Unknown Energy
04/03/2010 The Energy Of Clarity
The Energy Of Release
The Metatron
11/03/2010 Animal Extinction And Evolution The Energies Of Charles Darwin
25/03/2010 Mountains Emanate Musical Energy The Ganesh Collective
01/04/2010 Monica – A Departed Friend Of The Group Monica – One Of The Group Who Had Passed Over
Meher Baba’S Energies
08/04/2010 The Judas Energies The Judas Energies
22/04/2010 Mother Gaia: Human Consciousness
And Collective Consciousness
Mother Gaia
St. Germain
29/04/2010 Energy Rift In The African Continent The Energies Of The Ocean
13/05/2010 Using The Energies Of The Behram Yezad
Earth Impulses And Personality Shifts
Nations And Their Collective Energies
The Behram Yezad, Archangel Michael
The Hanuman
Aspects Of The Osho
03/06/2010 Planetary Energies For Healing The Healing Collective Lead By Dr Lang
The Healing Elementals
17/06/2010 Different Realms In The Spirit World & Raising Your Vibrations The Arcturians
24/06/2010 Oil Spills And The Collective Consciousness Spirit Of Mumbai
01/07/2010 The Ancients
Healing The Oceans
The Ancients
08/07/2010 The Mayan Civilization The Mayan Collective
15/07/2010 The Crystalline Bed Of Atlantis
The Lemurians
The Atlantean Collective
29/07/2010 A Prayer For An Ailing Mother, A Court Case
A Soul Visitation Exercise
The Shiv Collective
That Aspect Of Shakespeare
05/08/2010 Channeling Training
The Nehru Family
The Nehru
The Rajiv
The Indira
The Sarojini
Madame Blavatsky
12/08/2010 Imagination
Universal Memory And Coding
The Universal Logos
19/08/2010 Blessings
Energies Of The Zarathustra
The Energies Of Different Religions
The Energies Of: The Buddh, The Obama, The Germain, The Zarathushtra
02/09/2010 New Earth Inhabitants:
Deep Sea Energies
Dragon Energies
A New Plant Species
The Healing Council
The Healing Spirits
16/09/2010 Healing The Healing Council
23/09/2010 The Ganesh Energies
Friends From The Universe Speak To The Group
The Ganesh Collective
Friends From The Universe
30/09/2010 The Shiv Energies
Working With The Shiv Light
The United Shiv Collective
07/10/2010 The Energies Of Money & Finance
Energy Vortices Over Indian Cities
Nani Palkhiwala
The Shiv Collective
Meher Baba
The Angelic Collective
28/10/2010 Belief Systems The Germain Collective
04/11/2010 The Light Of Diwali
The Energy Of Sex
The Rabbi
The Ganesh Collective
The Energies Of The Obama
11/11/2010 Religion
Changing Self
I Think Therefore I Am
The Pleidians
Mother Mary
25/11/2010 Thanksgiving
New Energetic Rays
The Ashtaar Command
09/12/2010 Music Of The Spheres
Musical Genres And Their Energetic Significance
The Energies Of The Krishna
16/12/2010 A Message From Meher Baba
Musical Instruments And Their Energetic Significance
Meher Baba
The Energies Of Bob Dylan
23/12/2010 Santa Clauz
A New Energy Portal
Unknown Energy
30/12/2010 Abandonment
The Energy Of Clarity
New Spiritual Names
The Universal Logos
06/01/2011 The Dual Aspects Of Self The Keepers Of The Crystals
20/01/2011 The Power Gene The Energies Of Louis Pasteur.
27/01/2011 Activating Aspects Of Self That Are Planet Earth The Unified Energies Of The Group
10/02/2011 Valentine’S Day Ancient Sacred Geometry
24/02/2011 The Higher Energies Of Various Group Members
The Meaning Of ‘The God Within You’
The Energies Of Various Group Members
07/04/2011 Energetic Changes In The City Of Mumbai The Ashtaar Command
14/04/2011 New Energies Infused In Food, Water & Air The Unified Energies Of: The Christ Office, The Angelic Realm ,The Guru Gobind Singh
21/04/2011 Cosmic Reconstruction Of Planet Earth
The Aspect Of Luck
The Satya Sai
Saint Germain
28/04/2011 The Passing Away Of The Satya Sai Baba The Satya Sai
05/05/2011 The Killing Of Osama Bin Laden The Higher Energy Of The Obama
12/05/2011 Connecting With The Spirit Realm
Doing Work For Self By Self
The Aurobindo
Madam Blavatski
19/05/2011 The Resurgence Of Lemurian Energies Energies Of This Group
The Lemurian Collective
26/05/2011 Death
Lingering Death
Dna Configurations
Archangel Michael
The Christ Office
Lord Melchizedek
02/06/2011 Death
Lateral Transfers
Joint Ventures
The Metatron
09/06/2011 Death
Soul Echoes
Lateral Transfers
The Melchizedek
16/06/2011 Monica— On Suicides And Passing Over The Energies Of Monica
07/07/2011 The Energy Of Breaking Bonds & Strokes
Visitors From Deep Space
The Germain
14/07/2011 A New Forest Energy Virus And Explosions The Forest Spirit
Mother Gaya
He Spirit Of Bombay
The Melchizedek
21/07/2011 A New Vortex In The City The Christ Office
The Lord Sananda
The Mother Mary
The Archangel Michael
The Universal Logos
28/07/2011 The Aging Process
The Energy Of Choice
The Universe Within You
The Energies Of The Human Body' The St. Germain
18/08/2011 The Rainbow Warriors
The Merkaba
The Lord Sananda
The Energies Of The Zarathustra.
Meher Baba
The Ganesh Collective
25/08/2011 The Disturbing Effects Of Technology
The Ganesh Energies
Personal Resolution During The Ganesh Festive Period
The Ganesh Collective
The Ashtaar
The Sai
The Omakron Collective
01/09/2011 The Ganesh Energies
The Transmutation Of The Seven Deadly Sins
The Ganesh Collective
The Ashtaar Command
The Brother Joseph
The Mother Mary
The Christ Office.
06/10/2011 Another Aspect Of 26/11 Aspects Of The Sohrab That Are The Meher Baba.
03/11/2011 The Energies Of 11.11.11
A Shift In Art, Creativity And Movement
A Shift To Fusion Forms Of Creativity
The Upgrade Of All Kingdoms On Earth
The Song Of The Soul
Earth Healing Through Music
The New Atlantean Energies
Universal Friends
The Energies Of The Plaideans
The Arcturians
10/11/2011 How Channeling Takes Place
The Current Guru Nanak Energies: Illumination Of Body, Mind And Soul
The Portals Of 11.11.11
The Worldwide Money Market
Country Lessons
The Current Guru Nanak Energies
The Universal Collective
The Christ Office
Maha Avatar Babaji
17/11/2011 Magic
Magic In Films And Literature
Magician Vs Imagination
The Philosopher’S Stone
The Merlin Aspect Of The St. Germain
24/11/2011 Portals Of Magnification
Bringing Your Strands To The Forefront
How To Function During 2012
Surrender/Going With The Flow
The Dream State
What You Energetically Do In The Sleep State
Unified Energies, Lead By St. Germain
08/12/2011 Celestial Conferences Around Planet Earth In Preparation For 2012
Influencing The Collective Consciousness Through The Force Of Love
Earth’S Changing ‘Heartbeat’
Body Changes
New Crystalline Dna
Universal Friends In Your Homes
A Universal Being: Nani Palkhiwala.
22/12/2011 The Energetic Effects Of 2012 On Children Aged 3 To 12 A Universal Collective Of Teachers And Guides.
29/12/2011 Earth Healing
Shifts In Sacred Geometry: The Evolving Sphere
The Effect Of The Energies Of 2012 On Teenagers
Maha Avatar Babaji
The Copernicus
The Unified Energies Of The Christ Office
The Saint Germain
05/01/2012 Oversoul Energies Of K Oversoul Energies
26/01/2012 The Energies Of 2012 How They Affect: Adults,Continents,Cities,Businesses The Unified Energies Of: The Mother Mary, The Lady Qwan Yin, The Buddha , The Hammurabi
02/02/2012 The Meaning Of ‘Opportunity Knocks’
The Energies Of 2012, As They Impact Adults: Married Couples
Couples In An Tional/Sexual Relationship
Changing Attributes Of Marriage And Friendship
The Higher Soul Of Kim
The Christ Office.
The Archangel Uriel.
The Brother Joseph
09/02/2012 Connecting With Aspects Of Self
The Effects Of The Current Shiva Energies
The Christ Office
Master Sha
The Nataraj
The Universal Shiv
16/02/2012 The Energies Of Valentine’S Day
Energies Of 2012: How They Affect Adults In The Area Of Work
The Lotus Office
The Mother Qwan Yin
The Mother Mary
The Chirst Office
08/03/2012 The Void
Your Prototype Void
Energy Rhythms
An Unnamed Collective
15/03/2012 Shambala
Shangri La
Those Aspects Of The Sohrab That Are The Maha Avatar Babaji.
22/03/2012 Anti Matter Experimentation On Earth
‘The Soup Of The Creator’
Maha Avatar Babaji
The Ashtaar Command
29/03/2012 New Healing Techniques
The Regeneration Of Limbs And Organs
New Nutritional/Energetic Needs
New Universal Medical Teams Around Earth
New Reincarnational Procedures
Dr. Lang
05/04/2012 How Universal Energies Fuel The Cellular Structure
The Easter Energies
New Personal Portals
Introspection In Action
The Brother Joseph
The Christ Office
Archangel Michael
The Mother Mary
12/04/2012 Universal Teachers Unified Eneries, Lead Today By The Guru Gobind Singh
19/04/2012 How A Channeling Takes Place
Evolution From The 3 Rd To The 5 Th Dimension
Just Be Further Information On The Concept Of Time
The Merger Of Self With The Master
St. Germain
26/04/2012 Possession
Soul Connections
Premonative Dreams
Solar Flares
The New Polarity Within Earth And Within Self
The Energies Of The Ra Collective
07/06/2012 The New Masculine/Feminine Energetic Balance The Energies Of Maha Avatar Babaji
The Embrace Of Archangel Michael
The Embrace Of The Sai.
Awakening From The Mohammed
14/06/2012 The World Wide Web
The Universal Web
The Realm Of Infinite Opportunities
The Realm Of Infinite Possibilities
The Energies Of The Einstein
21/06/2012 New Orbs In Our Energetic Structures
World Citizens
The Re Structuring Of The Chakric Systems Of All Organs
The Energies Of July 2012
The Arcturians
19/07/2012 Planet Earth’S New Journey
The Upgrade Of Earth’S Various Kingdoms
Alignment With Her Core
The Needs Of The Physical Body
The Arcturians
02/08/2012 A New Univeral ‘Music Source’
The Signature Tune Of Self
The Behram Yazad
The Krishna
The Sai
30/08/2012 A Workshop On Belief Structures And Scripts
Various Masters Offer A Word Of Advice About 2012
The Meher Baba
The Jesus And The Christ Office
The Buddh
The Ashtaar
The Unified Sai Baba And Mohammed
06/09/2012 Living Death: The Process Of ‘Dying’ And Being ‘Re Born’, Moment To Moment. The Guru Nanak.
The Sai.
The Arcturians.
20/09/2012 The Ganesh Collective
The Effect Of The 2012 Ganesh Energies On:
Mental Faculties
Education, Knowledge And Wisdom
Planet Earth
The Ganesh Collective
27/09/2012 The Ganesh Collective (Part 2): The Effect Of The 2012 Ganesh Energies On: Business And Finance: Politics: Money: Creativity: F Uture Projections The Lady Of The Flowers
The Ganesh Collective
04/10/2012 Cancer
Repressed Creativity
New World Groups
The St. Germain
11/10/2012 The Perfection Of The Human Body
Various Souls Speak Of Their Personal And World Missions
The Christ Office
Dr. Lang
The Osama
The Princess Diana
The St. Germain
18/10/2012 Creating Your Own Reality
Choices In Pathways Of Five
New, Emerging Crystalline Beds
The Maha Avatar Babaji
01/11/2012 Hurricane Sandy And Its Effects On: Physical Areas : People: Business And Commerce: The Upcoming Presidental Elections: Those Who Were Untouched
Universal Friends Now Contacting Governments
Solar Winds
The Arcturians
15/11/2012 The 2012 Diwali Energies Light Of 101 Master Energies
22/11/2012 Kasab Speaks
The Inner Victim/Terrorist
A Thanksgiving Blessing
The Meher Baba
The Energies Of Mother Gaia
29/11/2012 Souls From 26/11 Speak On Victimhood Souls From 26/11
20/12/2012 The Energies Of 21.12
Inter Dimensional Travellers And Messengers
The New Crystalline Grid
The Energies Of 21.12
27/12/2012 The Effects Of The 21.12 Upgrade On The Various Kingdoms Of Earth The Christ Office
03/01/2013 A Month By Month Description Of The Energies Of 2013
How Best To Use The Energies Of 2013 To Your Benefit
The 2013 Shift In Humanity’S Energetic Core
Those Aspects Of The Sohrab That Are:
The Maha Avatar Babaji
The Lord Melchedizec
The St Germain
The Sant Tukaram
10/01/2013 Becoming Inter Dimensional
Three Rape Victims Share Their Experiences
The Higher Soul Of Sohrab
The Energies Of Rape Victims
09/08/2012 Death (Part 1)
New Choices And Different Forms Of ‘Death’
Merging With Aspects Of Self
Moving Directly Into An Unrelated Incarnation
Remaining ‘In Essence’ Around Planet Earth
The Sai
The Mother Mary
Archangel Michael
The Ashtaar
16/08/2012 Death (Part 2)
New Choices And Different Forms Of ‘Death’:
 A ‘Prototype Vortex’
 Energetic Dna
 Energetic Sub Division Of The Self
 Instantaneous Re Incarnation Into A
Parallel Earth
The United Energies Of The High Lord Maitrya
The Mother Mary,
The Lady Kwan Yin
The Germain
23/08/2012 Death (Part 3)
New Choices And Different Forms Of ‘Death’:
 An Energetic Support Structure
 Becoming Pure Energy
 Striding Two Or More Realms
Two Souls Speak Of Unusual Choices That They Have Made
The Angelic Realm
St. Germain
19/01/2006 Working With Your Spirit Friends And Guides A Spiritutual Teaching Guide
02/02/2006 Group Members Urged To Connect And Channel Unknown Energy
06/02/2006 Giving Light To Your Own Body The Archangel Michael
17/01/2013 Assist Souls
Human Upgrades During 2013
The Future Creating The Past
The Creation Of Your Own Masters
Those Aspects Of The Sohrab That Are The Maha Avatar Babaji
The St. Germain.
31/01/2013 Universal Brotherhood
Signature Cell
Bal Thackeray
Martin Luther King
St.Francis Of Assisi
14/03/2013 New Healing Techniques The Shiv Shakti
The Christ Office
The Cosmic Brotherhood
The Maha Avtar Babaji
Sai Ka Pranam
The Universal Overlords
The Sant Tukaram
28/03/2013 The Festival Of Holi Energies 2013
A New Prototype Earth
The Prototype Energies Of Earth
The Cosmic Board
The Sai
The Christ Office
The Archangel Michael
04/04/2013 The Energies Of April 2013
New Personal Merkabas
Nodes Of Consciousness
21/03/2013 New Solar Photonic Impulses
New Lunar Energies
Changes In The Mental, Physical And Emotional Bodies
Shifts In Relationships
Maha Avatar Babaji
The Collective Of Persepolis
The Ganesh Collective
The Group Collective
11/04/2013 2013: A Dream State
Temporary Separation Of The Body, Mind And Spirit
Being In Stasis During 2013
New Univeral Masters
Births, Marriages And Deaths During 2013
The New Energetic Collective
25/04/2013 The Effect Of 2013 On Your Birth Date, Month And Time
Human Hybridization
The Frequencies Of A Universal Collective.
02/05/2013 Tachyon Energy
New Energetic Shifts In The Universe Plasma
How The Human Race Is Now Shifting Between Dimensions And Realities
An Unnamed Universal Collective.
09/05/2013 Thought Creations
Alternate Realities
Timelessness And The Soul
The High Lord Mithreya
16/05/2013 Integrity
Sanjay Dutt
The Influence Of Tachyon Energies On The Mental, Physical And Emotional Body
Rifts In Time, Space And Dimension
The Maha Avatar Babaji
The High Lord Mitheria
Baba Jaan
The Sai
The Buddha
The Christ Office
23/05/2013 The New Universal Crystalline Grid
A New Window Of Communication
The Christ Office
The St. Germain
The Archangel Michael And The Mother Mary
The Meher.
06/06/2013 Political Energies Of The Present And Future Energies Of Bal Thackeray
Energies Of Margaret Thatcher
Energies Of An Unknown Future Politician
04/07/2013 The Energetic Brain
Free Will
The Freud And The Jung.
27/06/2013 A New Neural Implant The Maha Avatar Babaji
11/07/2013 All Energies Are Simultaneous
Core Essences Of The Universe
Universal Cross Pollination
The Child Upto 3 Months
The Mathematics Of The Soul
Mathematics And Music
Pyramids And Their Significance
The Music Of The Spheres
The St. Germain.
08/08/2013 A New Understanding Of ‘The Tunnel Of Light’
Near Death Experiences (Nd Es)
The Sai,
The Guru Gobind Singh,
The Mother Mary And
The St. Germain
15/08/2013 Earth Entering A New Energetic Wormhole
Stripping Away Old Layers Of Consciousness
New Human Prototypes
Projected Changes By 2015
India’S Root Issue: Separation
The Guru Nanak,
The High Lord Mitreya,
The Sai And
The Arcturians
22/08/2013 Organ Donation
Blood Donation
The Andes Plane Crash Survivors
Vegetarianism And Non Vegetarianism
Body Donation For Medical Research
Animal Testing
Wearing Furs
Disposal Of Dead Bodies
The Metatron
05/09/2013 Teachers Day
Energetic Manipulators
Master Bandwidths And Frequencies
Unknown Energy
13/09/2013 The Emanation Of Distillation
The Emanation Of Self Service
The Emanation Of Self Glorification
The Emanation Of Scientific And Technological Expertise
The Emanation Of Universal Goodwill
The Emanation Of Search And Exploration
The Emanation O
Soul Energy Of The Roxan
26/09/2013 A Window Of Rejuvenation Of Energies
The Emanation Of Distillation
The Energies Of Monica And Roxan
A Himalayan Upgrade
New Universal Friends Speak
Scientific And Technological Upgrades
Going Beyond Earth Astrology
Maha Avatar Babaji
An Ancient Tibetan Monk
The Energies Of The Hanuman Collective
10/10/2013 The Speeding Up Of Time
Changes In The Rotation And Revolution Of The Earth
Multi Dimensional Earthly Interactions
The Change In The Frequency Of Lightworkers
Speed Healing
The Evolution Of The Human Brain
The Unified Third Eye
The Maha Avatar Babaji
The High Lord Mitreya: The Meher Baba
The Mother Mary The Hanuman Collective
The Sai
The Guru Nanak
The Ashtaar Command.
24/10/2013 The Diwali Energies Of 2013
The Illumination Of The Inner Child
Gift Giving
Worldwide Healing Of The Sick
Healing Necessary For The Political Collective Of India
Personal Finances
A Necessary Re Evaluation Of Your Perspective Of Money
The Il
Many Master Energies Present Today, But This Session Has Been Led By The Energies Of The Meher Baba.
31/10/2013 The Diwali Energies Of 2013 (Part 2)
A Meditation Using The Crystalline Energies Of Diwali In 2013
Various Masters Share Their Energetic Contribution To Earth During Diwali In 2013
The Maha Avatar Babaji
The Sai
The Universal Mohammed
The Germain
The Energies Of The Christ Office
A Lunar Collective
The Shivai
The Meher
The Laxmi Collective
07/11/2013 Energy Markers
The Creation Of The Higher Soul
The Energetic Date Line
The Mirror Image
Everyone Is Your Creation
The High Lord Mitreya
The Christ Office
The Ashtaar Collective
14/11/2013 Individuated Cosmic Overlords
Releasing The Hold Of The Past
The Further Energies Of Diwali 2013
Welcoming A New Being Of Light Onto Planet Earth
The Monads
The Archangel Michael
The Behram Yezad
The Meher Baba
21/11/2013 The Energies Of Christmas 2013
Re Evaluation Of Family Relationships And Friendships
The Further Activation Of The Five Senses
Love Through Gift Giving And Genuine Service
Multiple Possibilities And Opportunities
Re Writing The Blue
The Christ Office
The Meher Baba
28/11/2013 Thanksgiving
The Attitude Of Gratitude
Energetic Knots
Body Blessing The Energies Of Christmas 2013 (Part 2)
The Energy Of Resolution
A Glimpse Into The Energies Of 2014
The Meeting Has Been Held By The Christ Office, Headed By:
The Lord Sananda, The Mother Mary And The Brother Joseph
The Joy, Love And Light, Blessings And Embrace Of:
The Meher Baba, The Lady Qwan Yin, The Aurobindo Mother, The Arcturians, The Sai,
05/12/2013 Living Masters
The Maha Avatar Babaji Attributes
The Energies Of Christmas 2013 (Part 3)
The Growth And Evolution Of The Child
The Newborn Child
Children Upto The Late Teens
New Light Hearted Energies
The Maha Avatar Babaji
The Mother Theresa
Jai Baba (Meher Baba)
Sai Ka Pranam
The Archangel Michael
The Arcturians.
12/12/2013 The Energies Of Christmas 2013 (Part 4)
Shattering Of Old Beliefs, Structures And Patterns
The Energy Of Social Consciousness
An Introduction To The Energies Of 2014
The Energies Of :
The Christ Office
The Archangel Michael
The Lord Jesus Christ
The Brother Joseph
The Mother Mary
The Sai
The Meher Baba
The Saraswati
The High Lord Mitreya
13/06/2013 A New Healing Collective
An Exercise To Help You Find And Use Your Own Healing Frequency
The Impact Of These Energies On The Various Kingdoms Of Earth
The Healing Collective
The Meher Baba
The Sai
The Guru Nanak
16/01/2014 The Energetic Gifts Offered To Planet Earth By The Masters During 2014 (Part 1)
Jesus Christ
Archangel Michael
Mother Mary
Sai Baba
St. Francis Of Assisi
Meher Baba
Maha Avatar Babaji
Lady Qwan Yin
The Cosmos
22/01/2014 The Star Body
The Energetic Gifts Offered To Planet Earth By :
The Masters During 2014 (Part 2)
The Master Energy Of Technology
The Master Energy Of Science
The Master Energy Of Politics
The Pondicherry Mother
The Maha Avatar Babaji.
The Star Body
30/01/2014 The Energetic Gifts Offered To Planet Earth By The Masters During 2014 (Part 3)
An In Depth Examination Of Cancer
The Energy Of Power And Potency
New Energies Of Awareness
The Serapis Bey
The Yogananda
13/02/2014 Working With The Collective Consciousness Of India
India’S New Energetic Vortices
The Energies Of Nehru Speak
The Energies Of Bal Thakeray Speak
The Energies Of Roxan Speak
Jawaharlal Nehru
Bal Thackeray
The Roxan
The St. Germain
09/01/2014 A Month By Month Description Of The Ashtaar Energies Being Offered To The Human Race During 2014
General Guidelines For 2014
New Breakthroughs And Creativity In All Fields
The Ashtaar
The Christ Office
The Meher Baba
27/02/2014 Maha Shivaratri: A Universal Energetic Festival
Connecting With Those In The Spirit Realm
The Second Coming Of The Masters
Merging With The Masters At A Conscious Level
Becoming The Walking, Talking, Living Master
The Shiv Collective
06/03/2014 The Activation Of The Five Higher Senses
The Song Of The Universe
Dna Upgrades And Changes In The Body
The Dr. Homi Bhabha
The Arcturians
The Hanuman Collective
Sai Ka Pranam Shiv Collective
20/03/2014 The Energies Of Navroze In 2014
The Zarathushtra Energies For 2014
Becoming Multi Dimensional
Looking At The Self With New Eyes
Falling In Love With The Self
The St. Germain
The Zarathushtra
27/03/2014 Universal Pheromones
Pure Potential
Thought Creation
Healing With Pheromones
The Higher Engergies Of Roxan
20/02/2014 Group Light And Healing To Great Britian And Saudi Arabia
A Self Healing Exercise For The Physical, Mental, Emotional And Spirit Bodies
Working With Children And The Elderly
Working With Dreams, Daydreams And Creative Visualization
The Energies Of The Dalai Lama
Blessings From The Meher
The Embrace Of Archangel Michael.
17/04/2014 Resistance During 2014
The Master Energy Of Cancer
The Reasons Behind Cancer In 2014
An Easter Message From The Lord Jesus Christ
Sin Vs Sign
The Unexplored Christ
Inter Dimensionality
Immaculate Conception
The Lord Jesus Christ.
The St. Germain.
Sai Ka Pranam.
The Arcturians.
10/04/2014 Advice From Various Masters:
From The Meher Baba:
Trust, Faith And Hope
The New Energies Of April And May 2014
His Merger With Maha Avatar Babaji
From The Ashtaar Command:
Ufo Sightings
Setbacks In The Collective C
Meher Baba
The Ashtaar Command
Sai Baba
The Jesus
01/05/2014 Lightworkers Urged To Influence The Higher Consciousness Of World Politics
New Scientific Breakthroughs Being Offered To Earth
The Illuminati
May: The Month Of Living As A Child
The Classroom In The Sky
Multi Cultural Unionism
The Higher Soul Energies Of The Obama
The Madame Curie
The Meher
A Collective Of Universal Peace And Harmony
05/06/2014 New Energies For June 2014
The Wave Of Opportunities
The Wave Of Idealism
The Wave Of Inner Certainty
Exercising Your Occult Powers
A Healing Meditation
Blessings From The Energies Of The Maha Avatar Babaji
Blessings From The Energies Of The Guru Nanak
Blessings From The Universal Sai
Blessings From The Germain
19/06/2014 A Message From M*****
The Unacknowledged Realms That Co Exist With Humans On Planet Earth
. Guardians And Beings Of Service
House Spirits
Fairies, Pixies And Elves
Mountain Guide Spirits
Unicorns And Phoenixes
The Yeti
The Loch N
The St. Germain.
12/06/2014 The Current Indian Political Climate And Its Energies
The Energies Of Communities Within India
India’S Root Issue: Separation
Social Responsibility
The Universal Sai
26/06/2014 The Unacknowledged Realms That Co Exist With Humans On Planet Earth. (Part 2)
Time As An Entity
Accelerated Time On Earth
Time Vortices
Rifts In Time
Pro Time
The Soul Energies Of The Einstein
03/07/2014 The Unacknowledged Realms That Co Exist With Humans On Planet Earth. (Part 3)
Entities Created By You
Chakrik Attachments
Entities Invited By You
Human/Master Hybrids
The Universal Sai. Sai Ka Pranam
The St. Germain
The Mother Mary
The Light Of Archangel Michael
The Maha Avatar Babaji
10/07/2014 The Current Energies Of Guru Purnima
The Opening Of A New Portal Of Knowledge, Wisdom And Self Awareness
Guru Purnima Messages From Various Masters
: The Universal Sai Baba (Cosmic Illumination)
The Saint Germain
Shiv Shakti
The Christ Office
The Universal Sai Baba (Cosmic Illumination) The St. Germain
The Shiv Shakti
The Christ Office
The Ashtaar Command
17/07/2014 The Energetic Causes Of Ailments During 2014 (Part 1)
Eye Problems
The Common Cold, Coughs And The Flu
Viral Infections
Diahrrea And Vomiting
Lactose Intolerance
The Dr. Lang Collective
24/07/2014 An Energetic Exercise To Balance And Align The Body
The Energetic Causes Of Ailments During 2014 (Part 2)
Stones, Parkinson’S Disease
Blood Clots In The Brain, Strokes
Facial Neuralgia
Rashes And Other Skin Sensations
Unusual Reasons For Con
The Doctor Lang Collective.
The St. Germain
31/07/2014 The Energetic Causes Of Ailments During 2014 (Part 3)
The Shadow Self
Earth Sickness
The Ebola Virus
Bed Wetting
An Energy Exercise To Help Planet Earth
14/08/2014 The Energies Of Navroz 2014
The Energies Of 2017
The Seraphim
21/08/2014 The Implant Of A Golden Cross
Prayers For The Dead
Universal Prayer Givers
The Physics Of Consciousness
St. Germain
The Universal Logos
02/10/2014 The Gandhi Collective
Universal Energies Contained By Ancient Indian Gods And Goddesses
The Openong Of A New Human Universal Band Width
The Energies Of Narendra Modi
The Energies Of The Ashtaar Command.
13/11/2014 Free Will Vs Destiny
The ‘What Ifs’ In Life
The Disintegration Of All Cornerstone Choices Of The Past
Concentration Vs Flow
A New Connect With Your Master
A Group Of 12 Universal Healers
The Sai
The St. Germain
A Group Of 12 Healing Energies
20/11/2014 Astrology And Numerology
Business And Finance
Feminine Empowerment During 2015
Universal Consciousness
Redefining Your Relationship With Your Master
The Meher Baba
The Nani Palkhiwala
The Mother Theresa
The St. Germain
27/11/2014 Awakening The Collective Consciousness
Cosmic Dust
Cosmic Wind
December 2014: A Period Of Energetic Rest And Recuperation
The Cosmic Illuminator
The Germain
The High Lord Mitreya
04/12/2014 The Energetic Significance Of The Letters Of The Alphabet During 2015, With Particular Reference To Names Meher Baba
11/12/2014 Christmas 2014: Unity Through Love (Part 1)
Various Masters Share Their Contribution To The Energies Of Christmas 2014
The Archangel Michael
The Osho
The Mother Mary
The Maha Avatar Babaji
The Meher Baba
18/12/2014 Christmas 2014: Unity Through Love (Part 2)
Various Masters Share Their Contribution To The Energies Of Christmas 2014
The Maha Avatar Babaji
The High Lord Mitreya
The Buddha
The Abraham Of The Cosmos
The Osama Bin Laden
The Germain
The Meher Baba
25/12/2014 The Three Wise Men
The Symbols Of Christmas And Their Energetic Significance During 2015
The Physical Presence Of Angels On Earth During 2015
The Lord Sannanda
The Collective Energies Of The Three Wise Men
St. Germain
The Angelic Realm
08/01/2015 The Ancient Greek And Roman Gods And Their Significance
How You Actually Choose Your Exit
Time Travel During 2015
The Demonic Realm
Twin Flames
The Titans
The St. Germain
The Ashtar Command
The Arcturians
The Plaedians
12/02/2015 New Solar Flares And Their Effect On The Kingdoms Of Earth
The Awakening Of The Heart And The Brain
A Valentine’S Day Challenge
The Meher Baba
The Saint Germain
The Guru Nanak
The Sant Kabir
The Mirabai
19/02/2015 New Celestial Committees For The Upliftment Of Earth
The Meher Baba
26/02/2015 An Exercise To Connect With The Spirit Realm
Mediumship Training
An Explanation Of The Process Of Connection Visiting Presences
Physical Symbols To Signify Visitors
Energy Hubs In Lightworkers’ Homes
The Meher (Baba)
The Saint Germain
. The Sai
. The Universal Mary
. The Sant Tukaram.
02/04/2015 The Easter Energies For 2015
The Power Of The Written And The Spoken Word
De Cluttering The Mind And The Home
Body Detox
The Archangel Gabriel The Universal Mary
The Archangel Rafael
The Lord Sannanda
09/04/2015 Passages: New Choices In Exits
Group Exits
Sudden Exits This Year
Mortification Of The Flesh
The Maha Avatar Babaji
Blessings From The Sai
The St. Germain
16/04/2015 The Realm Of Infinite Possibilities
A Universal Friend
30/04/2015 Healing Of Nepal And Its People
The Earthquake Within
Earth Related Earthquakes
Nepal: The New Energetic Epicenter Of India
Sannanda Rising
The Dalai Lama
The Universal Mary
The Lord Sannanda
The Saint Germain
The Meher Baba
21/05/2015 The New Energies Being Released Through Nepal
The First Wave Of Change And Its Effects On The Human Body
The Meher Baba
07/05/2015 A Birthday Exercise
The Realm Of Infinite Possibilities
The Realm Of Infinite Probabilities
The Realm Of Infinite Vision
Surfing The Universal Web
The Realm Of The Incredible Lightness Of Being
Transparency During 2015
The Meher Baba The Saint Germain
28/05/2015 Multiple Exits During 2015
Individual And Group Exits
The Rapid Evolution Of Planet Earth And Her Surroundings
The Energetic Participation Of Family In A Person’S Exit
The Second Wave Of The Nepal Energies And Its Effect On The Mental Body
You Are Blessed By Three United Energies:
The St. Germain
The Meher (Baba)
The Archangel Michael
04/06/2015 Short, Specific Affirmations
The Third Wave Of The Nepal Energies And Its Effect On The Emotional Body
The ‘Don’T Feel’ Core Issue
Activation Of The Himalayan Region
Activation Of The Southern Tip Of India
Activation Of The Area Between Bo
The St. Germain
The Universal Sai
11/06/2015 Abstract Qualities Being Stimulated By The Energies Of Nepal
Inter Personal Relationships
St. Germain
The Sai
The Master Khooth Humi
The Universal Mary
25/06/2015 The Current Spiritual Upgrades Of The Masters And Guides:
Meher Baba
Sai Baba
Maha Avatar Babaji
The Osho
St. Germain
Today, The Frequencies Speaking Out And Holding This Meeting Are Yours. You, Who Sit Here In This Room
You, Who Are God.
02/07/2015 An Exercise To Help You Connect With Your Higher Soul And Get To Know The Self Better
Three Souls Speak Of Their Past Earthly Issues
The Archangel Michael
Three Visiting Souls
09/07/2015 Music And Its Current Effects On The Physical, Mental And Emotional Bodies
The Archangel Uriel.
The Michael.
The Gabriel.
The Raphael
. Sai Ka Pranam.
The Maha Avatar Babaji.
16/07/2015 The 3 Rd, 4 Th And 5 Th Dimensions
The 4 Th Wave Of Energies From Nepal
Portals Of Relationships
Portals Of Intensified Healing
Portals Of Specific Perception
Portals Of Universal Intelligence
The Higher Soul Energies Of The Copernicus
The Meher Baba
30/07/2015 The Appearance Of A New Planet, And The Effects Of Its Energies On Earth
The Current Thinning Of The Veils Between Earth And The Spirit Realm
An Exercise To Connect With Loved Ones And Masters In The Spirit Realm
The Energies Of Guru Purnima In 2015
The Ashtaar Command
20/08/2015 The Current Navroze Energies The Zarathushtra Collective
Of The Wife Of The Zarathushtra
27/08/2015 Four New Areas Of High Activation
An Atlantean Temple
Three Egyptian Pyramids
Mount Kailash
An Area In The Amazonian Jungle
The St. Germain,
The High Lord Mitreya
The Maha Avatar Babaji.
03/09/2015 The Energies Of The Next 45 Days
The Further Upgrade Of The Emotional Body
Familial Relationships
Your Relationship With Yourself
New Solar Flares
The Importance Of Exercise
A Universal Collective
The St. Germain
06/09/2015 New Universal Energies Coming To Earth During September 2015
Solar Flares
Crystalline Energies
Cosmic Rain
Voiding Karma
The Children Of 2015
The Cosmic Boom
The Symbol Of Infinity
The Illuminati
Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi
The St. Germain
A Universal Collective
17/09/2015 The Ganesh Energies During 2015
The Perfect Ganesh
01/10/2015 A Wave Of Spacial And Energetic Distortion
Its Effect On The Human Mind, Body And Environment
Its Effects On The Kingdoms Of Planet Earth
The Copernicus
15/10/2015 A Yin Yang Balancing Exercise The Energies Of Archangel Michael
22/10/2015 The Energies Of Dassera (2015)
The Arcturians Speak
Recalibration Of Earth’S Chakric System
Arcturian Influence On The Human Race
The Dassera Union
The Arcturians
29/10/2015 Death
New Energetic Wormholes
Spirit Teams That Assist In A Passage
Disposal Of The Body
Prayers For The Dead
New Choices In Death
…A Daily Deposit Scheme
…Dispersing Energies Throughout The Universe
…Walking In To Aspects Of The Sel
The Yogananda.
05/11/2015 Judgment
You Are What You Eat
The Energetic Qualities Of Different Foods And Their Effect On The Mental, Emotional And Spiritual Bodies
The Meher Baba
19/11/2015 The Suppressed Inner Child The Energetic Qualities Of Different Foods And Their Effect On The Mental, Emotional And Spiritual Bodies (Part 2) The Energies Of Archangel Rafael
The Christ Office.
Blessings From Archangel Gabriel, Uriel And Rafael.
Blessings Also From The Loving Energies Of The Judas.
03/12/2015 December 2015: An Energetic Wormhole
Energetic Responsibility
Family Interaction
Discovering The Inner Archetypical Family
The Current Christmas Energies: Helping You Fall In Love With Yourself
The Lord Jesus Christ
The Mother Mary,
The Brother Joseph
The Realm Of The Archangels.
Blessings From The Energies Of The Maha Avatar Babaji.
The Meher (Baba)
07/01/2016 New Blinding White Light
An Introduction To 2016 (Part 1)
Streamlining The Physical, Mental And Emotional Bodies
Family Relationships
Business Practices
Political Shifts
The Energies Of Children Born In 2016
The Arcturians.
14/01/2016 An Introduction To 2016 (Part 2)
Messages From Spirit Friends Of Group Members
Exploring The Unknown
Re Addressings Relationships With People Or Situations
Revitalizing The Home
Marriage Of The Self With The Self
The Divine Krishna
The Roxan.
The Archangel Michael
The St. Germain. Blessings!
21/01/2016 New Teams Of Universal Friends Working With Planet Earth The Lord Sannanda
The Ashtaar Command
Blessings From The Universal Mother Mary.
04/02/2016 An Energetic Horoscope For 2016
St. Germain
The Meher (Baba)
03/03/2016 The Energetic Contribution Of Various Masters To Planet Earth During 2016 The Sai.
The Saint Germain.
The Behram Yezad
10/03/2016 The Speeding Up Of Time
It’S Effect On The Physical, Mental And Emotional Bodies
Learning To Manipulate Time
New Energies Being Released From Planet Earth’S Core
The Crystalline Kingdom
The Germain
The Meher (Baba)
07/04/2016 April: A Month Of Rest, Rejuvenation And Renewal Of The Self
Questions And Answers
The St. Germain
21/04/2016 Floating Grids Master Kooth Hoomi
The Meher
28/04/2016 The Energetic Effect Of Three New Planets
A Gift From Meher Baba
Meher Baba’S Current Work With Cancer Patients
The Keeper Of The Realms
The Energies Of St. Germain
The Meher (Baba)
St. Jude
05/05/2016 Darshana Greets The Group
A Message From Earth’S Subterranean Dwellers
The Darshana
The Ashtar Command
Friends From Within The Earth
12/05/2016 Energetic Puberty
Focussing On Goals
Unexpected Passages
New Energetic Surges Through India
Enhancement Of The Mental Capacity
Health And Wellbeing
St. Francis Of Assisi
The Meher (Baba)
Lord Sannanda Greets You
The Maha Avataar Babaji
The Sai Baba
The Buddha, Archangel Michael
The Mahavir
19/05/2016 A Powerful Healing Blessing From Maha Avataar Babaji
Mother Mary’S Current Work With Women
A New Energetic Stargate For Light Workers
A Blessing From Meher Baba
The Maha Avataar Babaji
The Mother Mary
Archangel Michael
The Meher
28/07/2016 A Bombay Blessing
Ancestral Seeding
The Christ Office
The Saint Germain
The Sai
14/07/2016 Reasons For Why People Appear To Linger Before Passing Over Sai Ka Pranaam.
The Mother Mary.
The Meher (Baba)
The Light Of The Krishna.
07/07/2016 New Solar Flares And Their Effect On The Kingdoms Of Earth
A Shake Up Of Humanity Over The Next 6 Months
A Time Of Great Manifestation
Attributes Of Children Born During 2016 And 2017
The Lord Jesus Christ,
04/08/2016 Personal Detoxification
Detoxification Of The Home
The Germain.
11/08/2016 Various Masters’ Contribution To The Processes Of Detoxification Over The Next 6 Months The Osho Collective
The Maha Avataar Babaji
The Yogananda
The Christ Office
The Meher
Sai Ka Pranaam
The St. Germain
25/08/2016 The Krishna Consciousness Greets You! The Krishna Consciousness
01/09/2016 The Cosmic Inner Child The Ashtaar Command
The Lord Sannanda.
The Universal Mary.
The Cosmic Illuminator,
The Sai. Sai Ka Pranaam.
08/09/2016 The Universal Mary Speaks
The Ganesh Energies Of 2016: Playfulness/Rediscovering The Happy Inner Child
The Germain
The Universal Mary
The Ganesh Collective
22/09/2016 A New Inner Child Exercise
Acknowledging The God Within You And The External God
Spontaneous Healing
The Sant Gyneshwar
The St. Germain
06/10/2016 The Higher Soul Of The Youngest Group Member (40 Days Old) Speaks Out
The Effect Of Buddhist Chanting
Re Birthing The Self During 2017
The Ganesh Frequencies
Blessings From The Lord Jesus Christ.
The Light Of The Mother Mary.
The Osho.
The High Lord Mitreya.
Sai Ka Pranaam.
The Yoganand
20/10/2016 The Energies Of 2017 Sai Ka Pranaam
27/10/2016 A Short Lecture By Group Member P.K.
The Diwali Energies Of 2016
The Diwali Frequencies
10/11/2016 The First Wave Of Energies Of 2017
The Energies Of Donald Trump
Free Will On Earth
Universal Collective Headed By The Nani Palkhiwala
A Group Of Elders
17/11/2016 A Hotline To The Masters
A Mental Upgrade
The Meher (Baba)
Sai Ka Pranaam
The Guru Nanak Collective
24/11/2016 A Current Speed Cleanse
The Effect Of The Energies Of 2017 On The Various Kingdoms Of Earth
The Guru Nanak Collective
The Guru Gobind Singh
01/12/2016 The Energies Of December 2016 The St. Germain
The Jesus Christ
The Meher (Baba)
08/12/2016 Various Master Offer Us ‘Tips’On To Prepare The Self For 2017 The Meher (Baba)
The Archangel Michael
Maha Avataar Babaji
.The Hanumaan Frequencies
15/12/2016 Earth’S New Energetic Grid
The Effect Of The New Energies Of 2017 On The Body (Part 1)
…The Brain, Pituitary And Pineal Glands
…The Third Eye
…The Throat Chakra
The Maha Avataar Babaji
The High Lord Mitreya.
22/12/2016 The Effect Of The New Energies Of 2017 On The Body (Part 2)
…The Heart Chakra
…The Solar Plexus Chakra M Hz
…The Base Chakra
The Second Big Bang
The Christ Office
Sai Ka Pranaam
The Maha Avataar Babaji
The Meher Baba
05/01/2017 The Entry Of The New Energies Of 2017 Into The Body
Dark Matter
The Flow Between All Aspects Of The Incarnated Self
Changes In The Self A Newfound Sensitivity To All Energies
The Guru Gobind Singh.
The Meher (Baba).
18/01/2017 New Urges
New Emerging Qualities
The New Youth Energies
The Hathor Collective
, The Arcturians
The Multi Faceted Ganesh.
The Christ Office
09/02/2017 The Effects Of The New Energies Of 2017 On The Human Race The Prevalance Of Heart Related Diseases And Cancer
The Shift To Natural Cures And Medication
An Upgrade In All Master Energies
A Member Of The Universal High Command.
The Universal Sai
16/02/2017 The Effects Of The Energies Of 2017 On The Sense Organs
The Energies Of The Universal Jesus
Blessings From The St. Germain.
23/02/2017 The Effect Of The New Energies On The Heart Chakra The Lady Diana
The Universal Shiv
The Meher Baba
16/03/2017 The Effect Of The Energies Of 2017 On
…The Digestive Tract
…The Hara Chakra
…The Knees
The Creation Of A New ‘Chakra Of Light’ In The Body
The St. Germain.
The Shiv, The Maha Avataar Babaji, And The Universal Mary.
The Ashtaar Command.
The Meher (Baba).
The Sant Gyneshwar.
23/03/2017 Light Body Activation
Black Holes And White Holes
The Universal Consciousness
30/03/2017 The Effect Of The New Energies Of 2017 On The Cellular Structure
New Physical And Energetic Enzymes And Their Effect On The Physical, Mental And Emotional Bodies
Auric Odor
The Activation Of Dormant Energetic Strands In The Body Stardust Orbs
The Universe.
06/04/2017 The Effect Of The Energies Of 2017 On The Spinal Column
The Energies Of Easter (2017)
The Jesus Christ
The Mother Mary,
The Brother Joseph,
The St. Peter
The Archangel Michael.
20/04/2017 A New Form Of The Inner Child The St. Germain
27/04/2017 The Effect Of The New Energies Of 2017 On The Mental And Emotional Bodies
Speaking Your Truth
Facing Your Fears
The Universal Mary
The Sai
The Meher
04/05/2017 Randomness Vs. Perfection
The Creation Of Dna
The Human Divine Spark
The Energies Of Children Between The Ages Of 5 And 12
The St. Germain
11/05/2017 Birthday Energies
The Current Energies Of The Buddha
Monthly Energetic Tips For 2017
The Buddha
The Shiv
The Archangel Michael
18/05/2017 You Are Created In God’S Image And God Is Created In Your Image
How You Create Your Masters
A New Energetic Vortex That Earth Has Just Entered
The Divine Universal Frequencies
01/06/2017 Merging With Master Energies
Specific Areas In Which Masters Are Working With The Human Race During 2017
The St. Germain
The Sai.
The Archangel Michael
15/06/2017 The Appearance Of A New Planet Outside The Solar System
The New Planet’S Effect On Earth’S Magentism
The New Planet’S Effect On Time
Cleansing Of Great Britain
Lunar Energies
Solar Energies
Solar Ionic Rays
Archangel Uriel.
The Shiv Collective.
22/06/2017 Time
Kryon Collective
The Bashar Collective
29/06/2017 Alternate Dimensions
A Joyful Union Between The St. Germain And The Einstein Collective.
06/07/2017 Time, Space And Dimensional Shifts In The Human Body
Inter Dimensional Musical Tones And Frequencies
Aligning With New Earthsong
The Kryon Collective
13/07/2017 A Question And Answer Session (Part 1) St. Germain.
20/07/2017 A Question And Answer Session (Part 2)
The St Germain
The Meher Baba
The Judas
27/07/2017 The Current Upgrade Of The Throat Chakra
A Question And Answer Session (Part 3)
The Mother Mary.
03/08/2017 Connecting With The Higher Soul
A Renewed Rise Of Feminine Empowerment
The Higher Soul Energies Of The Zeenat Aman.
The Archangel Michael
The Meher Baba
10/08/2017 The Energies Of A New Year Celebration
The Current Zoroastrian New Year Energies
Birthday Energies
The Merlin.
The Meher (Baba)
Sai Ka Pranaam!
17/08/2017 The Ganesh Energies Of 2017
The Sai Baba Energies Of 2017
The Sai
The Archangel Michael
31/08/2017 The Process Of Energetic Connection
The Current Upgrade Of The Pituitary And Pineal Glands
The Current Floods
A United Group Of: The Ganesh Collective,
The Archangel Gabriel
The Sai.
The Monica
14/09/2017 Worldwide Physical Cleansing Of The Body
Energization Of Water
New Lunar Flares And Their Effects On The Body
The Shiv Collective
The Guru Gobind Singh
The Mother Mary.
05/10/2017 Mental Purging
Emotional Purging
Building Bridges
The Maha Avataar Babaji.
The Mother Mary
12/10/2017 The Energies Of Diwali 2017
The Rise Of The Kundalini
Dna Upgrades
Bypassing The Traditional Steps Of Death
The Collective Consciousness
26/10/2017 A Diwali Light Meditation
The Practical Benefits Of The New Diwali Energies
The Effect Of These Energies On The Other Kingdoms Of Earth
Your ‘Marriage’ With A Crystalline Source
The Maha Avataar Babaji.
The Illuminator
Sant Kabir.
09/11/2017 Death: From The Spirit Perspective Of “A Homecoming” The Meher Baba
16/11/2017 The Energies Of 11/11: Transformation Upgrades Of The Physical, Mental And Emotional Bodies
The Importance Of Communication
The Effect Of These Energies On India
The Birthing Of New Masters In India
The Master Khoot Humi
The Master Jwhal Khul
The Meher (Baba)
The Lord Jesus Christ.
The Maha Avataar Babaji.
Sai Ka Pranaam.
23/11/2017 The Theme Of 2018: Living Your Mastery
The Emergence Of New Masters On Earth
Four Simple Exercises To Work Towards Owning Ones Mastery
Archangel Uriel
30/11/2017 Upgrade Of The Higher Senses And The Heart
Spirit Visitors
Spirit Coaching
Working With Tough Love
The Archangel Gabriel
07/12/2017 An Exercise Of Connection
Abstract Energies
Worldwide Transformation
The Abstract Energy Of Consciousness
14/12/2017 A New Root Cause Of Cancer
Faith Vs. Blind Faith
Why Pets And Other Animals Contract Diseases
How Inanimate Objects Energetically Serve You
Home And Its Energetic Importance
Fragrances And Their Current Importance
Master Energies
The Archangel Michael.
21/12/2017 The Energies Of Christmas 2017
Upgrading The Self
Self Education
A New, Self Created Personal Assistant
The Sacred Mary Speaks
A Love Letter To The Self
Exits Before April 2018
Earth’S Golden Age
The Energies Of The Riyad
The Energies Of The Brother Joseph
The Sacred Mary Address You.
The Archangel Uriel
The Higher Soul Energies Of The Lord Jesus Christ.
28/12/2017 Planning Your Own Death
Death Of The ‘Old You’
A New, Desired Energetic Prototype Of The Self
A Brief Introduction To 2018
The Meher (Baba) Blesses
The Energies Of The Lord Jesus Christ.
The Energies Of The Ahura Mazda:
04/01/2018 The Energy Of Colours (In 2018)
The Energy Of Numbers (In 2018)
The Energy Of The Letters Of The Alphabet (In 2018)
The St. Germain.
11/01/2018 Time The Universal Yogananda.
18/01/2018 Space
Nanocrons: Masters Of Space
The St. Germain
The Meher (Baba)
01/02/2018 Cancer (In 2018)
The Super Moon
The Archangel Rafael
The Inter Dimensional Germain
22/02/2018 Universal Beings Of Light
The Sai
08/03/2018 A Month By Month Energetic Analysis Of 2018
The Year Of The Child
The Year Of The Animal
The Archangel Gabriel
22/03/2018 The Energies Of Navroze 2018 The Behram Yezad, Also Known As The Archangel Michael.
The Sai
The Mother Mary
29/03/2018 Divine Timing
Divine Dispensation
St. Germain
The Meher Baba
The Darshana
05/04/2018 The Energies Of Easter 2018
Inner Transparency
Re Evaluating Your Definition Of Love
A New And Expanded Relationship With ‘All That Is’
The Universal Mary
12/04/2018 Visitations From Spirit Loved Ones During April 2018 Inner Transparency (Part 2)
New Crystalline Light Emanating From The Body
The Upgrade Of The Inner Ear
Artistic Krishna Frequencies
The Archangel Michael
The St. Germain
The Krishna Consciousness
03/05/2018 Practice What You Preach
A Question And Answer Session
God’S Grace
Need Vs. Greed
Cellular Memory
The Maha Avataar Babaji
10/05/2018 A Question And Answer Session
Soul Creation And Evolution
The Cosmic Meher
The Sai.
The Maha Avataar Babaji.
The Lord Jesus Christ
The Higher Soul Of This Group.
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