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Transcripts for June, 2017

Date Topics Energy
01/06/2017 Merging With Master Energies
Specific Areas In Which Masters Are Working With The Human Race During 2017
The St. Germain
The Sai.
The Archangel Michael
15/06/2017 The Appearance Of A New Planet Outside The Solar System
The New Planet’S Effect On Earth’S Magentism
The New Planet’S Effect On Time
Cleansing Of Great Britain
Lunar Energies
Solar Energies
Solar Ionic Rays
Archangel Uriel.
The Shiv Collective.
22/06/2017 Time
Kryon Collective
The Bashar Collective
29/06/2017 Alternate Dimensions
A Joyful Union Between The St. Germain And The Einstein Collective.
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