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Remedy for stress & low energy


Take 10 deep connected breaths in the center of the chest.. the way you breathe when you see something amazing.. the breath of exhilaration. no pause between the inhale and exhale, breathe in again after each breath, just before the end, inhale again, dont push , it s an easy effortless but maximum inhale.. inhaling the life, relax & drop any effort on the exhale dispelling resistance and death, which is not breathing. if you feel buzzy just relax.. your system is getting an influx of life-force.. there is no right and wrong breath your breath is fine.. a few times a day, or just even awareness of breathing, especially when we are concentrating too much or 'caught up' your organs need oxygen and your life needs you to feel alive, so breathe :) breath is the most overlooked easiest, cheapest home remedy we have with us always.

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